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Gabriel Morberg in the first Napoleon war

06.08.2017 11:22
  Somewhere in smaland, Sweden, Gabriel Morberg (born Andersson) was born October 3, 1758. The most interesting is what happened later in his life, more specifically, November 6, 1806. But first we look back in the mirror until the time Gabriel was drafted to Smalands house regiments...

Trotte Jonsson the carolian

03.08.2017 09:50
November 30th 1718, Advent Sunday and foggy afternoon. In trenches there were Swedish carolians under the leadership of King Karl XII. During the siege of Fredriksstens fortress outside Halden in Norway had continued and A final win for the Swedes was not too far away. Around nine or...

John Hakansson Trolle

26.04.2016 03:17
Around the year 1635 (exact year is unknown) Bjorko, Jonkoping County, where John was born in a time where Queen Christina ruled Sweden. It was a time where the Thirty-Years-War was in full swing and the legacy of Christina's father, Gustav II Adolf hung like a yoke on her...