Gabriel Morberg in the first Napoleon war

06.08.2017 11:22


Somewhere in smaland, Sweden, Gabriel Morberg (born Andersson) was born October 3, 1758.
The most interesting is what happened later in his life, more specifically, November 6, 1806.
But first we look back in the mirror until the time Gabriel was drafted
to Smalands house regiments for 58 Rodja, we wrote on October 3, 1787 and in the rolls
You can read the following:
According to GMR 1789/90 he is 27 years old; In 1798 his age was 36 years and 1807 is
he is 45 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall (1.73) and born in Smaland.
Gabriel lived in Nobbeled Sodergard, Navelsjo when he married on February 27, 1789
with Helena (Lena) Gustavsdotter.
The family moved to Northern Sandsjo sometime between 1789-1791.
We are now heading for May 18, 1805, when the first Napoleonic war begins.
Sweden initially tries to stand outside the war against Napoleon, but the king Gustav IV Adolfs
Personal hatred against Napoleon means that the Council is forced to agree on his declaration of war
Against Napoleon. The Swedes are embarking on ships to go to Stralsund
and forced to surrender to the French who completely surprise them when the Swedes' weapons are
packed for maritime transport. A small force is escaping, but most of them was forced to surrender.
The date was November 6, 1806, Gabriel belonged to those who were captured this day,
which was the same day for the storm of Lubeck.
At home, a wife and four boys waited for Gabriel to return home,
but history still does not tell you how or if Gabriel got home, "I'll get to this
in the future".
Gabriel Morberg was my FF FM FF (fathers fathers fathers mothers fathers father)
(the attack of Lubeck)