John Hakansson Trolle

26.04.2016 03:17
Around the year 1635 (exact year is unknown) Bjorko, Jonkoping County, where John was
born in a time where Queen Christina ruled Sweden.
It was a time where the Thirty-Years-War was in full swing and the legacy of Christina's father,
Gustav II Adolf hung like a yoke on her shoulders.
John grew up and at the muster March 6, 1648, he was busy in the Smaland Cavalry Regiment
and served under Captain Jacob Jacobsson Pistols company.
At that time, John had a mantal in Rassmate in Linderas parish, Northern District Vedbo.
In June 1655 they shipped John and his regiment over to Poland and Charles X's doings there.
It was the same year that the King held a siege war against Krakow, where John was with.
In October, about three weeks later he was promoted to corporal.
(-The siege Of Krakow was played under Charles X's Polish war.
It began September 25, 1655 and lasted to 13 October in 1655.
The capitulation was signed four days later.
Polish troops marched out of the city on 19 October.
The city's defense was led by Kiev's Castellan Stefan Czarniecki,
while Swedish troops led by King Charles X Gustav and Arvid Wittenberg.-)
In 1660 the war ended and John, who has now become a lieutenant, returned to Rassmate.
He was found as a reformed lieutenant in 1661 and 1662 year rolls over Smaland cavalry.
He assigned Tranhult in Northern Ljunga parish advantage homestead, which meant that wages
were taken from the farm rate.
From 1664 he is in the register of population and thus were no longer in service.
He was awarded Ryd in Bjorko parish fiefdom, and got to enjoy the farm, which counted a
mantal crown, "free of his person."
In the Danish war 1675-1679 John returned to active duty for a time, at July 1 he appointed captain
at a recently posted Smaland Cavalry Regiment under Colonel Hans Ramsword.
The core of Ramswords regiment consisted precisely of the elderly, sacked rider who recalled.
After an autumn marched down Skane, the regiment took part on December 4 in the Battle of Lund.
In January Ramswords riders draws back to Smaland for recruitment and reorganization.
John receives farewell February 28, 1677.
Finally, it must be said that John Hakansson Trolle was my: mm mm ff ff mf
Smaland cavalry regiment banner