Trotte Jonsson the carolian

03.08.2017 09:50
November 30th 1718, Advent Sunday and foggy afternoon.
In trenches there were Swedish carolians under the
leadership of King Karl XII.
During the siege of Fredriksstens fortress outside Halden in
Norway had continued and
A final win for the Swedes was not too far away.
Around nine or ten in the evening, the king stacked his head
above the runway to
get a clear look over the fortress, he was now at the forefront.
A shot echoed and the king fell dead.
Just in this moment, King Charles XII's head was pierced by a bullet
and pierced both temples which meant an immediate death.
In the siege of the fortress, 35,000 men participated, and
among these karolins were present a man named Trotte Jonsson.
Like all other carolians, Trotte lost the will to fight when the king died,
This would now end a long story of war, battles and misery,
now they should finally get back home to Sweden and return to
their usual chores in life.
The king's corpse was first taken to Tistedalen in Norway,
then to follow the retreat of the army
back home to Sweden, and on December 13 they arrived at Uddevalla.
What's so strange about Trotte Jonsson?
Actually, nothing more than that Trotte was a carolian,
nothing remarkable than wearing the king's bier, which may be true then
that story was diligently traveling around the parish.
And it is no more remarkable that he is mine
Grandfather's grandfather's grandfather's grandfather's father.
(Additionally, that reliable birth year is not available, it means that Trotte
Yet the last one could have been born in 1652. The story must be
considered and treated as just described, a story where the truth level varies.)
After the siege in Norway, Trotte continued his life in the small forests and died
July 20, 1729 in Alskebo, Almesakra.
He and his wife Kerstin Hakansdotter left 6 children after him.

(Painting by Gustaf Cederström )